Elementary School Milk Program

First introduced in 1986, ESMP is committed to providing elementary students with milk on a daily basis, so they can stay healthy, alert and ready to learn. Get your school involved today!

About the program

Since its inception, millions of children have benefited from this program with the help of thousands of volunteers and people in the dairy industry. In the past two years, DFO has innovated the Elementary School Milk Program by partnering with Lunchbox by SchoolCash Online. By modernizing the ordering process, less time and commitment are required from volunteers.

Program benefits

Participating in ESMP provides an opportunity for students to develop a healthy habit of drinking milk while making it fun and rewarding. Children who consume milk at lunch are more likely to meet their bone-building nutritional needs.

Schools registered
for the ESMP will receive:

  • All the information needed
    to run the program

  • Free posters

  • Milk coordinator support with online
    resources and newsletters

Milk rewards

Motivate students
with cool prizes!

The Elementary School Milk Program offers free rewards to help keep students interested in maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle. Find out how to qualify! sanjin

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Nutrition Info

A child’s growth depends on bone development. Milk products contain up to 15 essential nutrients, including protein and calcium to help young bones develop properly. Furthermore, all cow’s milk in Canada is fortified with vitamin D which helps the body absorb the large amounts of calcium found in both white and chocolate milk.

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